Governing bodies of the cooperative

General Assembly

The General Assembly of its members is the supreme governing body of the cooperative society SSA.  It is convened at least once a year.

SSA Presidency

Valid as at: 01/03/2017

Chairman Board of Administrators

  • Denis Rabaglia - scriptwriter and film director

Vice Chairman Board of Administrators

  • Zoltán Horváth - scriptwriter and animated film director

Other Board members

  • Fabienne Berger - choreographer and dance video director
  • Fulvio Bernasconi - scriptwriter and film director
  • Christophe Bugnon - comedy writer
  • Louis Crelier - stage music composer
  • Anne Deluz - film director
  • Antoine Jaccoud - scriptwriter and playwright
  • Charles Lombard - radio drama writer and playwright
  • Gérard Mermet - scriptwriter
  • Marielle Pinsard - playwright
  • Manon Pulver - playwright
  • Emmanuelle de Riedmatten - scriptwriter and documentary director
  • Yves Robert - playwright
  • Philippe Zoelly - lawyer

Board committees

Members of the Board Audiovision Stage    Communication
Berger, Fabienne   x  
Bernasconi, Fulvio x    
Bugnon, Christophe   x x
Crelier, Louis   x  
Deluz, Anne - Chairwoman Chairwoman   x
Horváth, Zoltán - Vice Chairman x    
Jaccoud, Antoine   x x
Lombard, Charles   x  
Mermet, Gérard x    
Pinsard, Marielle   x  
Pulver, Manon   x x
Rabaglia, Denis - Chairman x   Chairman
de Riedmatten, Emmanuelle x   x
Robert, Yves   Chairman  
Zoelly, Philippe (lawyer) x    

General Management

  • Jürg Ruchti – CEO
  • Patrick Willy – CFO - CHRO, with role of Deputy Chief Executive, Fonds de Secours SSA


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