Producers of audiovisual works

Since SSA manages the broadcasting rights and other rights relating to public performance, as well as the reproduction and making available rights of its members, the contract between a member and a producer needs to contain a rights reservation clause regarding such rights.We therefore recommend that you use the model contracts provided by SSA for this purpose, containing such a rights reservation clause. The latter guarantees that all necessary rights are acquired, the statutory rights and duties of the author vis-a-vis SSA are respected and a correct distribution system is applied.

If a producer lets a third party exploit the works in question, the rights reservation clause needs to be transferred to the relevant contract.

Contracts with broadcasters in certain countries (cf. model contracts) need to contain provisions that determine:

  • that the author of the work is member of a collective management organisation;
  • that the collective management organisation shall take care of the perception of broadcasting rights;
  • that the remuneration for the author is not included in the sales price of the work.

Provisions to this end shall also be included in contracts with co-producers.

Furthermore, a licence issued by SSA shall be required in the case of reproductions (DVD, Blu-ray) and cases of making available (video-on-demand etc.).