Authors’ Rights
for Stage
and Audiovisual Works

  • "t ’M et variations…" by Gil Roman, original music Jean Bruno Meier and Thierry Hochstätter. Prod. BBL. Photo: Grégory Batardon

  • "Calabria", documentary by Pierre-François Sauter. Prod. Mira Film and Le Laboratoire Central. Picture: Mira Film&Le Laboratoire Central

  • "Yahvé, Dieu et tout le tral'Allah" by Thierry Meury and Laurent Flutsch, stage direction Jean-Luc Barbezat. Prod. Cie Fribug. Photo: Alain Wicht, La Liberté

  • "Arthur - smetto quando voglio" web-series by Nick Rusconi, written by Chloe De Souza. Prod. RSI-Inmagine SA. Image: RSI