Authors from abroad

Welcome to SSA!

You don’t live in Switzerland, but you want to assign the management of your rights for Switzerland to us? SSA is happy to be by your side!

Your advantages:

  • Personal service.
  • A multi-lingual team is here for you.
  • Joining SSA does not cost anything and you do not have to pay an annual membership fee either; we live by the motto “no collection = no cost”.
  • A lean and efficient structure, a low cost rate (please see our latest annual report). We pay our members’ remuneration out on a monthly basis.
  • Remuneration generated in Switzerland is not subject to tax or social security deductions.
    SSA does not deduct administration costs for remuneration collected abroad, in case you wish to assign your rights to us for territories outside Switzerland. Depending on the source country of the remuneration, there is the issue of the withholding tax.
  • Our transfers are made in Swiss Francs, a safe and stable currency – reflecting the attributes typical for the government and economy of the country.
  • Swiss values such as discretion and confidentiality are kept at the highest levels at SSA.

Your rights are important to us! You will not be treated as just another rights owner among many, and your works are well taken care of by us. SSA: For authors and by authors.

If you require further information, please contact us – without any obligation.