Professional theatres

How to proceed

Application for an authorisation

Each public performance of a play or a text requires an express authorisation by the author.
This principle also applies to individual performances of a tour. Such authorisations are not granted directly by SSA itself; SSA obtains these from the authors or the rights holders and passes them on.

Application form for an authorisation

In the case of guest performances arranged by a theatre or an event organiser, the duty to obtain an authorisation lies with the producer. The obligation to pay authors’ rights remuneration, however, lies with the theatre or the event organiser. The theatre or the event organiser shall inform SSA about the performance in advance.

In the case of adaptations or montages of existing lyrics, the intended amendments must be presented to the author by means of an annex to the application for an authorisation so that the exact range of application can be determined.

It is possible that the procedure to obtain an authorisation may take a while; it is therefore recommended that the application for authorisation is filed three to six months before rehearsals begin. The authorisation is granted for a minimum number of performances within a specific timeframe and a specific territory. Performances outside the scope of an authorisation require a new authorisation.

Once the author has granted usage permission, SSA creates a contractual draft stipulating the conditions of the authorisation:

  • Duration of the authorisation
  • Territorial scope of the authorisation
  • Financial terms and conditions
  • Cancellation damages

The contract shall be signed by the author and the producer.

Declaration of income

Theatres or event organisers must declare their income by means of our form for the declaration of income within ten days after the end of the performance(s) to SSA.


The collection of the remuneration for performing rights shall be made by SSA.

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Special cases:

Dance companies
Commissioned works

Compensation for the effort put into creating a work commissioned by a producer (company, association etc.) is usually paid in the form of a honorarium (sometimes also referred to as a “commission premium”). Said premium only covers the time spent creating the work.

It must, however, not include any copyrights linked to the performances (or other uses) that have already been assigned to SSA by the authors through their membership. Such copyrights are subject of a separate contract which is concluded between the producer and SSA at a later stage.

Our model contracts

Touring in Switzerland and abroad

In the case of performance tours, the payment of the performing rights must be fulfilled by the producer. The producer may delegate the payment of the copyright fees to the venue on condition that he informs SSA beforehand. This principle shall also apply to tours abroad.

Please do not forget that you notify us of your tours by means of your own documentation via email.

Leaflet for performances abroad

School performances

SSA needs to be notified about school performances. In some cases specific tariff conditions shall be applicable.