Infos for work users

Some basic information

If you wish to use a work of the SSA repertoire, the law requires that you obtain an authorisation from the authors involved. This shall also apply for adaptations, translations, recordings of works publicly performed, reproductions and further types of usage, such as digital uses via internet. The author has the exclusive right to decide when and how his/her work shall be used.
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Authors are at liberty to assign their rights to a collective management organisation such as SSA, which will then act on their behalves vis-a-vis the work users (voluntary collective management).
For mandatory collective rights, a different set of modalities shall apply.

Work usage by theatres, theatre groups and organisers

Performance venues or theatre groups planning to show an existing piece must dispose of an authorisation by the author(s). SSA issues such a licence after consulting its member(s), bearing in mind that SSA’s minimum tariffs must be observed. The distribution of the respective rights remuneration shall be made by SSA. SSA supports the work users with their research of the rights owners (author, editor, arranger, translator etc.) and also with the necessary steps surrounding the process of obtaining the authorisation/licence. Amateur theatre groups and school theatres also need to obtain an authorisation/licence.

Work usage by broadcasters (radio and television)

Broadcasters usually enter into a general licence agreement with SSA. Such agreements safeguard that the respective works may be used and with little administrative effort. The relevant tariffs are determined by contract and therefore do not have to be negotiated on a work by work basis.
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Work usage by audiovisual producers

Producers and authors of treatments, screenplays etc., as well as (film) directors and rights owners of pre-existing lyrics enter into individual agreements. These must contain a rights reservation clause regarding the making available rights and the reproduction rights, as SSA manages these rights based on the mandate granted by its members.

Work usage by publishers

Contracts concluded between publishers and licensors must take any rights assignment from the authors to SSA into account. In general, the publisher owes the remuneration to the authors; SSA handles the invoicing process.
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Work usage via internet

A distinction has to be made between simulcasts, webcasts, on-demand uses and any other categories of use. Usage of protected works via digital networks is subject to the same principles as any other categories of use, as with the latter an authorisation has to be obtained from the rights owners prior to use. Unlike in the case of conventional terrestrial broadcast transmissions, it is hardly possible to demarcate the zone of diffusion in the case of internet transmissions.