SSA protects the rights of stage writers and authors of audiovisual works in Switzerland and abroad.

It enables users to access the works and ensures that authors receive a fair remuneration.

It actively sees to the authors’ community being strengthened and to their due recognition at a professional level, in the media and in politics.

It acts in the spirit of solidarity among authors and executes its duties in a responsible and transparent manner.

During all of its activities, SSA promotes the perpetuity of copyright as a fundamental value, in particular in the digital field.


To licence and facilitate the authorised use of works by the authors and rights owners it represents.

To collect and distribute copyright remuneration efficiently and transparently.

To provide advice and information to members.

To cooperate with sister societies in Switzerland and abroad.

To organise and support cultural activities for the benefit of the repertoire and its authors.

To be active in the sense of social engagement and solidarity, for the benefit of its members.

To create solid partnerships with players in the audiovisual and stage sector.

To nurture its relations with politicians and media representatives.

To support initiatives intended to improve working conditions for authors.

To follow the relevant technological developments and to subsequently take influential action in the interest of copyright.

To participate in the endeavours to get moral rights acknowledged.