Authors’ Rights Management for Stage and Audiovisual Works

"Dans la nature", animated documentary written by Marcel Barelli and Fleur Daugey, directed by Marcel Barelli. Prod. Nadasdy Film/RSI. Image: Nadasdy Film

"Chaos", text by Valentine Sergo, chorography Jozsef Trefeli, music Roland Bucher. Prod. Cie Uranus. Premièred at Festival Zébrures d'Automne in Limoges, September 2021. Photo: Isabelle Meister

"Maisonneuve, à l'école du vivre ensemble", documentary written by Emmanuelle Walter and Nicolas Wadimoff, directed by Nicolas Wadimoff. Prod. Akka Films/Coop Video/RTS Pacte de l'audiovisuel. Photo: Akka Films

"Madame Helvetia", by and with Nathalie Devantay, stage direction Noël Antonini. Premièred at Théâtre du Pré-aux-Moines in Cossonay, September 2021. Photo: Stephane Schmutz/Stemutz Photo