Authors’ Rights Management for Stage and Audiovisual Works

"Cascadeuses", documentary written and directed by Elena Avdija, Prod. Bande à part Films/Alter Ego Production/RTS/ARTE France. Photo: Bande à part Films

"Chambre avec vieux", by Fabrice Gorgerat, music by Stéphane Blok and Aurélien Chouzenoux. Prod. Cie Jours Tranquilles. Photo: Fabrice Ducrest

"Montana 1977", written and directed by Kimyan Flückiger, prod. ECAL, RTS. Photo: ECAL/RTS

"Signes", choreography Fabienne Berger, original music Malena Sardi. Prod. Compagnie Fabienne Berger. Photo: Mario Del Curto

"Do Not Feed the Pigeons", written by Antonin Niclass and Vladimir Krasilnikov, directed by Antonin Niclass. Prod. National Film and Television School. Image: NFTS