Legal areas

SSA is active in the fields of exclusive rights and rights subject to mandatory collective management. In particular, the provisions of the Swiss Federal Act on Copyright and Related Rights (Copyright Act, CopA) are applicable.

Exclusive rights are rights freely held by authors who may, but are not obliged to, assign them to a collecting society such as SSA for voluntary collective management, while rights subject to mandatory collective management must, in any case, be administered by a collecting society pursuant to the law.

Exclusive rights

Broadcasting rights: Broadcasts of protected works on radio and TV.

Performing rights: Performances of dramatic, dramatico-musical and choreographic works in theatres and performance venues of any kind.

Reproduction rights: Production of audio and audiovisual recordings (CD, DVD, Blu-ray)

Making available rights: Making available of a work e.g. via video-on-demand with or without downloads (i.e. via the internet, with the internet user may choose time and place individually), pursuant to CopA Art. 10, para. 2 c.

Rights subject to mandatory collective management

Retransmission rights: Simultaneous, complete and unaltered retransmission of broadcasts via cable networks or similar means.

Public reception rights: Reception of radio and TV broadcasts in public places.

Private copying rights: Production and import of blank CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays and other audio and/or audiovisual media carriers.

Rental rights: Rental of work copies.

Reprography: The right to make photocopies.

Internal usage: In-house usage of works in companies, public offices, institutions, committees and other similar establishments for internal information and documentation.