Theatre in schools

Theatrical performances in a school environment are subject to remuneration as soon as they are not just held strictly within the limits of the teaching by a teacher in an individual school class.

When a school produces a school performance with its pupils intended for several classes and/or parents of the pupils, permission must be sought from the authors via SSA if it represents these rights holders. The performance is subject to payment of remuneration, even if it takes place in the school auditorium and admission to the performance is free. A special fee applies to such school performances, performed by students.

In the case of guest performances by theatre companies at schools, the authorisation for the performance must be obtained by the invited group of performers – the school must, however, ensure that a valid permit has been obtained. The school shall notify SSA of the performance in advance and SSA shall invoice the school according to a special flat rate in order to cover the rights of the authors it represents.

School performance announcement form

If students go to a “general public” theatre to attend the performance, they normally pay for their own ticket and the theatre takes care of the copyright remuneration.

Comprehensive fact sheet for school theatres

Information schools that receive artists and for companies performing in schools

For the relevant tariffs, please refer to the ‘amateur theatre’ or ‘professional theatre’ sections, as appropriate.