In order to benefit from our services, you need to become a member of SSA (full member or mandator).
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Membership at SSA is free of charge.

Terms of admission

  • You create or own rights to works falling under the SSA repertoire.
  • Your work is being performed, broadcast or used in any other relevant forms of exploitation.
  • You have not already assigned the rights to your work(s) to third parties (publishers, theatres, theatre groups, producers or another collective management organisation).
  • SSA communicates in the official Swiss languages. We make every effort to facilitate direct contacts in English, too. Our circulars, guidelines, publications, annual reports, documents relating to the General Assembly etc. are, however, not available in English.
  • In order to assess the requests for admission, we will request you to provide us with contracts you already concluded plus their translations into German, French or Italian. Production, publishing or licensing agreements must make it possible for SSA to intervene, i.e. they must include a so-called rights reservation clause; in all likelihood, this will, however, only be the case if the contract has been signed in countries where one of SSA’s sister societies is operational. Please click on our guideline for stage productions and on this guideline for audiovisual productions.
  • SSA is entitled to ask for certified translations.

Please request your membership application from our secretariat!

Please note:

  • Under certain circumstances it may make sense to assign the rights to individual works or to a specific repertoire to SSA via a mandate agreement.
  • The legal succession of deceased SSA members is regulated by a mandate agreement (legal successors).

It is not possible to hold membership as an author with SSA and SUISSIMAGE at the same time. It is, however, possible to be a member of SSA as an author, and hold membership with SUISSIMAGE as a producer at the same time.