2017 at SSA

2017 was marked by stability.

  • Total rights management collections reached an amount of CHF 22,876,045.00 (- 0.29% compared to 2016). However, a big part of the collections arising from joint tariff 12 had to be be put aside due to an ongoing litigation.
  • Collections from theatrical performances exceeded CHF 5m which marked a new record.
  • Expenses remained more or less the same despite several investments in terms of the digitisation of some processes, especially in the stage sector. Moreover, SSA members will receive their rights statements electronically in future.
  • The average comission rate remains stable at a historically very low level. In 2017, it was 12.81% (+0.06 points). It had decreased by 27.8% over the preceding six financial periods.
  • SSA pays its members and sister societies on a monthly basis. Distribution levels have also remained stable.
  • SSA now counts more than 3,000 members.
  • The copyright law review is going in the right direction. The project which was published at the end of the financial period is based on a huge compromise of the involved parties. SSA supports said compromise and is happy about the introduction of an inalienable right for “on demand” usages which can be further perfected. The review now enters its parliamentary phase.
  • Thanks to the excellent financial year-end results for 2017 an amount of CHF 1.301m could be allocated to the cultural fund and CHF 519,000.00 could be placed into two social funds.
  • CHF 1,523,163.00 have been spent on cultural purposes in 2017. Of the 377 authors who participated in competitions and programmes, 152 received a subsidy.
  • EU legislation has barely witnessed any progress. The pressure on authors’ rights increased across several legal procedures.
  • SSA had cast itself resolutely into the campaign for the referendum on the initiative “No Billag” which had been aimed at disallowing any financing of audiovisual public media. In the face of a very dangerous and extreme referendum text, it had mobilised important resources and successfully defended diversity within artistic creation.

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