2019 at SSA

Thanks to exceptional circumstances, 2019 was a very positive year.

  • Total rights management income reached an amount of CHF 25,259,783 (+8.36% compared to 2018).
  • The income from stage performances reached a peak of CHF 5.8 million.
  • The audiovisual sector benefited from the retrospective perception for private copying and from a new agreement with an important platform for video on demand, while there are signs of a decline in linear broadcasting rights.
  • Thanks to the optimisation and digitalisation of processes and the reduction of fixed costs, expenses remained stable.
  • This results in an average commission rate which is one of the three lowest in the history of SSA: 11.87% (-0.17 points).
  • SSA pays its members and sister societies on a monthly basis. Total paid-out compensation increased (+17.48%).
  • The review of the Federal Act on Copyright and Related Rights has been concluded. SSA welcomes the introduction of an inalienable right for «on demand» uses for the benefit of authors, artists and performers. It is entrusted with the administration of this new remuneration right, which is under state supervision, for all Swiss collecting societies.
  • Alone or in cooperation, SSA has created new services: Assessments of script conflicts, management of publishing contracts for translated stage works, opening of a co-working space.
  • An excellent financial year in 2019 made it possible to allocate CHF 1.041 million to the Culture Fund and CHF 968,195 to the Social Fund.
  • CHF 1,032,325.84 have been spent on support programmes in 2019. Of the 349 authors who participated in competitions and programmes, 105 received a subsidy.
  • The new support programme «De la scène à l’écran» builds a respected and valued bridge between the artistic disciplines united under the umbrella of the Cooperative.
  • In the European Union, the associations of creatives won an intense battle against the tech giants in a new copyright directive.
  • The annual report 2019 is the first, which SSA has written in an inclusive language throughout. This will gradually be implemented in all SSA publications and in all its communication languages.

Note: The annual accounts must be approved by the general meeting, postponed to autumn 2020.

Download our annual report 2019: French version / German version

Short version in English: “2019 at SSA”