2023 at a glance

The outstanding outcomes achieved in 2023 are a result of several factors coming together.

  • Revenues amounted to CHF 27,802,795 (-4.09%). The seeming decline reflects several contrasting factors: In 2022, SSA had posted the cumulated collections of two business years for Common Tariff 12; in the meantime, there was a simultaneous increase in performing rights.
  • SSA is the central collective management organisation in charge of Common tariff 14 revenues relating to the statutory video-on-demand remuneration. As such, it collected such licence fees pertaining for the exploitation in 2022, and amounting to a total of CHF 1,834k including neighbouring rights.
  • The average commission rate dropped, thanks to the dissolution of an accrual, effective cost control and the favourable development of income to 10.28% (-0.13 percentage points) which is, historically, very low.
  • SSA pays its members and sister societies on a monthly basis. The payouts increased by 7.62% to nearly CHF 20m which reflects the fact that performing arts are back in full swing, and the large distributable amounts in the private copying sector.
  • Television broadcasting rights are stable once more. Supplementary payments were made for the exploitation on RTS/RSI, the advance payment system will be dropped from 2024 onwards – this means that screenwriters and directors get to their money more quickly.
  • In the 2023 financial year, CHF 1,455k were paid into the cultural funds, while CHF 772k were allocated to the social funds.
  • 168 authors received a subsidy from the cultural fund.
  • SSA has taken a position within numerous political consultations and continues its intensive collaboration with professional associations in the cultural sector.
  • The international engagement of SSA has been recognised through the granting of a new role within CISAC, focusing on strategies and the development of collective rights management.
  • Central to this was how to address the challenges that artificial intelligence poses for artistic creation and copyright protection.

Note: The annual accounts must be approved by the general meeting taking place on June 20th.

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