Reminder fees

Meet deadlines and avoid reminder fees

SSA charges a fee when sending reminders for declarations of receipts or unpaid invoices. A fee will also be charged when SSA’s legal department has to provide a settlement plan.

It may occur that one needs more time to provide the information required in the declaration of receipts and to send back the form. In this case, we thank you to contact SSA and arrange a new deadline in order to avoid reminders and unnecessary fees.

List of the fees applied:

Reminder for Declaration of receipts (Stage):

  • Sending a 3rd reminder                                     30.- CHF/File

Reminder for Invoice:

  • Sending a 2nd reminder                                    30.- CHF/Invoice
  • Sending a 3rd reminder                                     50.- CHF/Invoice

Should it be necessary to postpone a deadline for the payment of one or several invoices, please anticipate: contact SSA and ask whether it is possible to do so or not. If our legal department has to provide a settlement plan, an administrative fee will be added to the amount of the invoice.

Settlement plan:

  • Providing a settlement plan                               50.- CHF/Settlement plan

Please contact us if you have any question or remark about perception files.

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