Special distribution Common tariff 12 for stage works on TV

In October 2018, we sent you the ordinary statement regarding use of your registered works in 2017. This statement includes remuneration from all common tariffs in the areas of retransmission, private copying and company use and use for educational purposes.

However, for the ordinary statement for 2017, we had to retain the payments from the common tariff 12, which regulates catch-up TV (replay TV, NPVR and private copying). This step was necessary because the approval of this tariff had been challenged by several broadcasting companies. The procedure is still pending. If the court seized refuses to approve the tariff or approves it to a lesser degree, this could result in refund claims from users against the collective rights management organisations participating in the tariff.

Meanwhile, the collective rights management organisations have been able to clarify the risk of such refund claims from users in mediation with the broadcasting organisations. This means that the funds withheld can now be paid out as part of a special distribution (regarding only TV-broadcasting) in April 2019, even though the tariff is not yet legally binding. After that, the ordinary statement for 2018 will be regular again (including the common tariff 12).