SSA switches to QR-bills

SSA-invoices will now be issued with QR Code. Find some useful information about this new standard.

The QR-bill will modernize Swiss payments. As of 30 June 2020, you will be likely to come across it more and more often while clearing your mailbox. You will recognize the QR-bill by the Swiss QR Code. It contains all relevant information for an automatic payment.

The QR-bill will replace current payment slips after a transition phase still to be defined. For the time being, you may thus use both the traditional payment slips and the QR-bill to make your payments. The QR-bill consists of a payment part and a receipt. The Swiss QR Code in the middle of the payment part covers all information which is also visible in text form on the invoice.

As invoice recipient, you may pay the QR-bill in three ways:

  1. Via e-banking: Open the e-banking application, scan the Swiss QR Code with the QR reader or integrated camera and release the payment with just one click, or enter the information manually.
  1. Via mobile banking: Open the mobile banking app on your smartphone, scan the Swiss QR Code with the QR reader and release the payment with a tap of a finger.
  1. Per mail: The QR-bill works like an existing payment slip and can be paid at a Swiss Post branch, at a branch with partner or by payment order in an envelope to the ban.

The new bills will also be readable by updated business software.