SSA switches to QR-bills

SSA-invoices will now be issued with QR Code. Find some useful information about this new standard. The QR-bill will modernize Swiss payments. As of 30 June 2020, you will be likely to come across it more and more often while clearing your mailbox. You will recognize the QR-bill by the… Read More

Survey: Why the cultural sector still needs support

The financial support tied to the consequences of Covid-19 has to be continued! Sonart needs your information urgently! Many of us don’t know what to do from autumn onwards: Will announced events take place? Will new ones follow? When will it be possible to earn money again regularly? At the… Read More

SSA offices open again from May 25th on

SSA reopens its offices on May 25th. We look forward to serve the interests of our members on site and at the usual opening hours, even if we have been able to fully maintain our business activity during the last weeks. Unfortunately, SSA has to maintain short-time work (due to… Read More

2019 at SSA

Thanks to exceptional circumstances, 2019 was a very positive year. Total rights management income reached an amount of CHF 25,259,783 (+8.36% compared to 2018). The income from stage performances reached a peak of CHF 5.8 million. The audiovisual sector benefited from the retrospective perception for private copying and from a… Read More

SSA offices closed until further notice

The management of the SSA has decided that employees will switch to home office until further notice. We are available to our members and partner organisations by e-mail. Consignments that reach us by post cannot be processed at the moment. In accordance with the instructions to reduce interpersonal contacts as… Read More

New Federal Law on Copyright ratified at last

Finally! The Copyright Act review has been concluded. Nearly ten years after Géraldine Savary got the ball rolling by introducing a postulate regarding music downloads, the Federal Assembly adopted the text on 27 September. Attempts to receive privileges, be it for libraries or the hotel sector, were rejected. The… Read More

RSS-Feed of SSA: subscribe again

Our Website was transferred into a new IT environment. Navigation, content and design remain as before. The only thing to have changed is our RSS-Feed: according to the way you installed it on your devices, it may not work anymore. If so, we thank you to subscribe again in the… Read More

Rights from Italy

Our Italian partner society SIAE informs us about an ongoing taxation examination procedure. Therefore, 30% are currently deducted on rights collected in Italy, which is the full rate of withdrawing tax in Italy. Should double taxation agreements apply later, the difference between this full rate and the conventional rate… Read More

2018 at SSA

2018 shows a positive development. Total rights management collections reached an amount of CHF 23,310,785  (+1.9% compared to 2017). Revenues from private copying via set‑top‑boxes with memory cards and virtual private recording facilities influenced this result favourably at the end of the year. Collections from theatrical performances have exceeded CHF… Read More

Special distribution Common tariff 12 for stage works on TV

In October 2018, we sent you the ordinary statement regarding use of your registered works in 2017. This statement includes remuneration from all common tariffs in the areas of retransmission, private copying and company use and use for educational purposes. However, for the ordinary statement for 2017, we had to… Read More