Ten Principles for Fair Contracts for Authors

Thanks to its members, FIA has now arrived at Ten Principles for Fair Contracts. A work in progress for the past year, this document reflects – in ten points – what IAF’s membership feels most strongly should and should not be contained in the contracts in… Read More

Audiovisual Authors’ Remuneration

What are the professional lives of screenwriters and directors like? How do they make a living and what are the challenges they face? This video presents the current situation of European screenwriters and directors and suggests European solutions. Infographic… Read More

SSA Annual report 2015

Collections reached a record level, efficiency in management, a Copyright Act revision that must be put back on track At 6.57%, collections reached a record level of CHF 22,734,527.-. Even with a very slight increase of CHF 39,363 (+1.17%) which was mainly due to the rise in costs for governmental… Read More

Mandatory collective rights management for dramatic works

Authors and owners of dramatic, dramatico-musical and choreographic works, get in touch with SSA! Whether you are a member of SSA or not affiliated with an authors’ society or not, a resident of Switzerland or abroad: the Swiss Federal Act on Copyright and Related Rights (CopA) stipulates a mandatory remuneration… Read More

Pro Helvetia: Encouragement de la diffusion

Pro Helvetia introduit deux nouveaux instruments pour renforcer la position des compagnies indépendantes de danse et de théâtre sur le marché international: Encouragement de la diffusion lors de tournées européennes Subside de déplacement pour les chargés de diffusion Informations sous… Read More

Cultural and creative industries fuel the economy

With revenues of US$ 2,250 billion, Cultural and Creative Industries account for 3% of world GDP and employ 29.5 million people (1% of the world’s active population). CISAC, the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers, publishes a new study prepared by EY titled «Cultural Times – First… Read More

SSA website – now also available in English!

On tour abroad? Involved in audiovisual co-productions between several countries? An English version of the SSA website is now online! In our era of globalisation, we would like to make our SSA-related information available to an even bigger audience. In addition to the three official national languages, we… Read More

Spectacle commémoratif: pensez à vos droits d’auteur!

Ce qui ne devrait pas arriver aux auteurs… Au sujet des spectacles commémoratifs, nous constatons que les primes de commande comprennent souvent les droits d’auteur, ce qui est n’est évidemment pas correct. De plus, ces honoraires sont très souvent inférieurs à ce que la SSA percevrait sur la base… Read More