300 children’s channels established in the EU and specific on-demand services for kids on the rise.


29th April is International Dance Day!

Read Israel Galván’s message and other information under: http://www.international-dance-day.org


CISAC welcomes France and Germany’s commitment to cooperation on authors’ rights/copyright.


The Society of Audiovisual Authors publishes the 2nd edition of its White Paper on Audiovisual Authors Rights and Remuneration in Europe.


The Council of States referred Peter Bieri's postulate "Revision of the Federal Copyright Law (URG). Introduction of a lending right" on 19 March, representing an important step in ensuring fair compensation for authors.


An agreement on copyright levies for smartphones has been reached between manufacturers and importers of smartphones, consumer organisations and the Swiss collecting societies. The solution, which has been accepted by all parties, is initially valid until the end of 2016.