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management agreement Agreement by means of which an author transfers the management of certain rights or works to an agent or a collective management organisation
mandate agreement Agreement by means of which an author or a rights owner entrusts SSA with the management of certain rights, thus becoming an affiliate of SSA.
mandate agreement (legal successors) Agreement by means of which the legal successors of an author join SSA as affiliates and entrust SSA with the management of all statutory rights on all works.
mandatory collective management Pursuant to copyright law, the following rights are subject to mandatory management by a collective management organisation: retransmission, private copy, public reception, reprography, rental, educational use, usage including reproduction/copying for internal information/documentation purposes at the workplace. These are areas of usage where the legislator assumes that it is sensible or in fact possible at all that individual authors pursue the usage of their works themselves and collect the relevant rights remuneration.  In the case of mandatory collective management, the collective management organisations administering the various sectors jointly negotiate so-called "common" tariffs with the users' umbrella organisations. The remuneration thus collected is then distributed in line with the distribution rules to the authors in question. The CMO's administration and its distribution rules are subject to the supervision by the Federal Institute for Intellectual Property (IPI). The tariffs are subject to the approval by the Federal Arbitration Commission for the Exploitation of Copyright and Related Rights (FAC).
manuscript The term manuscript (originally "written by hand") refers nowadays to all forms of written works that have not been published.
membership agreement Contract by means of which authors become full members of SSA. Members entrust SSA with the management of the entirety of their works and all statutory rights.
merchandising products Tie-in products and accessories created in connection with a work, inspired by said work.
minute-based tariff Rights remuneration whose calculation is based on the actual usage duration of the works for the purpose of collection or distribution.
moral rights Entirety of legal provisions for the protection of the personal aspects of authorship: Naming right (paternity right), right of first publication, right to the integrity of the work
multi-broadcast Intensive repetition of the broadcast of a work by the same broadcaster within a short period (up to one month)
multimedia work Interactive work combining image, sound and text